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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
Organization Chart

Honorary President


Vice Director

Artistic Director

Management Division

Management Section ○ Management of organization, personnel, facilities, properties, and other related issues
Accounting Team ○ Management of budget, account settlement, and other issues related to accounting and contracts

Technical Manager

Project Planning Division

Project Coordination Section ○ Planning and coordination of projects at the theatre
○ Management of use of meeting rooms/rehearsal rooms/exhibition rooms
○ Promotion of performing arts support projects (operation and management of Suitengu Pit)
○ Public relations activities for projects at the theatre
Planning Section One ○ Management of use of Concert Hall
○ Planning and implementation of projects for promoting music
Planning Section Two ○ Management of use of Playhouse, Theatre East and Theatre West
○ Planning and implementation of projects for promoting theatrical arts

General Producer
(of Performing Arts)

As of April 1, 2012